COVID-19 Insurance Rebates, Credits, & Discounts

Truthfully, there hasn’t been a lot of good news lately. Living through a pandemic can be physically, mentally, and financially exhausted. That’s why when we see things that could help our clients save money, we want to pass along that good news.

Given the large number of unemployment claims, businesses operating remotely or at a reduced capacity, and families strapped for income, it comes as welcome news that the insurance companies across the country are offering rebates and discounts. Here are a few local carriers that are offering rebates or credits.

Plymouth Rock Assurance

Plymouth Rock is pleased to share that a COVID-19 relief credit amount for auto customers is now available to view in Agent Web and eServices. They have prepared a frequently asked questions document to help you understand the application of relief credits.

In addition to credits, Plymouth Rock also extended the suspension of cancellation of insurance due to many clients having financial difficulties during this time. They have published all of their latest COVID-19 updates to the Plymouth Rock COVID-19 Independent Agent Message Center.

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Safety Insurance

Safety Insurance has announced the Safety Personal Auto Relief Credit. Any Safety Insurance personal auto policyholder that has a policy in effect as of April 1st will receive a 15% credit off their premium for the months of April and May.

They have also rescinded cancellation notices as of March 23, 2020. This includes all non-payment cancellations. Along with this, they have waived all late and NSF fees.

In addition, clients who now find that they are using their personal vehicles to deliver food or in some other way due to a change in business operations during this time will be covered in those policies as well.

In order to help local charitable organizations and frontline workers, Safety Insurance is providing financial support to: Massachusetts COVID -19 Relief Fund, the Boston Resiliency FundProject Bread, and Healthcare Heroes to benefit the Massachusetts General Emergency Response Fund.

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MAPFRE Insurance

MAPFRE is proud to announce the MAPFRE Insurance Staying Home Refund in order to ease some of the financial burden facing many of their customers.

The MAPFRE Insurance Staying Home Refund will return 15% of April and May premium to their voluntary personal auto policyholders in Massachusetts, a total of over $30 million. On average, most policyholders will receive a premium credit of approximately $40. Further details will be available on their website at

Arbella Insurance Group

Arbella has publicly announced the Arbella “Here. For Good.® Give Back Program,” which will provide premium credits to personal auto customers.

The “Here. For Good. Give Back Program” will provide Arbella private passenger auto customers with a credit equal to 20% of their auto premium for three months, April, May, and June 2020. The savings will result in an estimated average of $60 per vehicle, and customers with multiple vehicles on their policy could see significant savings. Subject to approval by state regulators, Arbella customers can expect a credit to be applied to their bill within the next 60 days.

Customers do not need to take any action to receive the credit. If the policyholder has paid in full, they will be mailed a check. A policyholder must be an active customer at the time the refund is issued.

Vermont Mutual Insurance

As of May 1, 2020 Vermont Mutual Insurance began mailing letters to Personal Auto customers advising them if they qualified for a 20% payback equivalent for their auto premium for three months.

Not only are they offering this rebate but they are offering customers the option of collecting the rebate themselves or taking the money and donating it to a charity such as Feeding America, United Way, Meals on Wheels, or the Salvation Army. For more information on this rebate and the opportunity to donate to these charities that are directly helping communities impacted by COVID-19 see this link.

Don’t see your carrier listed here? Contact our agents to see what rebates or discounts your carrier may be offering.

4 Aug, 2020
Phil Richard