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Frank Scearbo
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For more than 25 years I have helped  businesses on Credit Card Processing and  helped save them from the hidden fees most credit card companies charge. Most business owners are frustrated, fed-up, angry and confused because their processing company has kept them in the dark about fees and costs. Unlike processing companies that try to raise your fees at the drop of a hat, I look for ways to reduce your fees. Such as Level 2 and Level 3 data.
I enter into partnerships with all of my clients. The partnership is that I will always be looking for ways to enhance your merchant services program, keep you up to date with modern technologies and being a phone call away for help.

Born and raised in Revere, now living in Georgetown, the northshore is where I have spent my life. Married with 3 children. Attended Bentley University and Salem State College. My career started in financial services with BayBank. I have a passion for excellence. If you cannot do it the right way, let someone else do it who can do it the right way, the first time.Former pitcher and racecar driver and looking forward to welcoming my first granddaughter to this world.